Matt Gaetz – A Fighter for North Florida

In Washington, we need fighters. And there is no fight Matt Gaetz won't take on to advance conservative North Florida principles and values. He provides strong positive results for the citizens he represents.

Matt is a native Floridian, and he's worked hard to represent us in Tallahassee - where under his watch it was declared that "NO TAX IS SAFE." Working to cut taxes on cable and cell phone bills, working for property tax relief  - it was all to keep more of what his constituents earn in their own pockets.

But it is more than words, it real action and real accomplishments that inspire Matt Gaetz.

Matt has a proven record in facing challenges head on, by listening, doing his research, and bringing viable solutions to the table - and then fighting hard for those solutions.

When it comes to fighting for constitutional rights and protecting the Second Amendment, Matt Gaetz is the true champion, working for the Open Carry cause and fighting to strengthen Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law.

Matt Gaetz is a champion for military families, a tireless advocate for veterans and he stands up for what's right in his community. His advocacy for the F-35 at Eglin, his work to protect the identities of service members and their families from the ISIS terrorists and the work Matt has done for sentencing reform to cease the endless appeals of the death penalty are just a few examples of his efforts on behalf of North Florida.

That is why he has been recognized time and again for his leadership in the business, health care and law enforcement professions as a 'Legislator of the Year,' and a 'Legislative Champion,' and most recently as a 'Defender of Liberty' by the American Conservative Union.

His pro-business philosophy is that government should not stand in the way of entrepreneurship, that local businesses are the fuel that feeds the economic engine of our State's economy, is what has earned him the respect of local and state business leaders and associations.  Associated Industries of Florida, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Associated Builders and Contractors, and the National Federation of Independent Business have all rated Matt Gaetz as a top public servant based on a strong voting record throughout his legislative career.

Matt's passion for public service was instilled in him at an early age. He attended public schools in Okaloosa County and is a proud graduate of the Florida State University, and earned his JD at the College of William and Mary. In addition to his public service, he is an attorney in Fort Walton Beach, where he is also a member of First Baptist Church.

North Florida Neighbors believes we need Matt to carry our fight to a broken Washington DC, because he's sure not going to back down - Matt Gaetz is the conservative fighter North Florida needs representing us in Congressional District 1.