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Matt Gaetz for Congress, Florida District 1 and

Neal Dunn for Congress, Florida District 2.


Florida’s First and Second Congressional Districts are open seats in 2016, with the great opportunity to elect strong fiscal and social conservative Republicans to represent our North Florida values in Congress. We’ve formed North Florida Neighbors to support Matt Gaetz in Florida Congressional District 1, and Neal Dunn in Florida Congressional District 2.

With their primaries on August 30, 2016, it is our mission to support Neal and Matt in their efforts to win the seat so they can fulfill their platforms and represent us to:

  • Repeal ObamaCare
  • Fight Radical Islamic Terrorism
  • Create Jobs and Expand the Economy
  • Protect the Second Amendment
  • Stop Illegal Immigration
  • Fight for the Sanctity of Life
  • Rebuild the Military
  • Support our Veterans
  • Keep the Federal Government Out of Our Lives
  • Protect our North Florida Values


Congressional District 1

Congressional District 2

Due to Congressional Redistricting, the new map changed Congressional District 2 to include 19 Counties, stretching from stretching from Bay, Washington and part of Holmes Counties on the western edge to Columbia in the east and Marion County to the south.  Florida’s First District remains the same, including Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and western Holmes Counties.




Our Republican Primaries are Tuesday, August 30, 2016, and ballots will be mailed beginning in mid-July. With your help we will be able to support Matt Gaetz and Neal Dunn in their elections to represent their North Florida Neighbors.

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